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Starbase Safehaven pays for rocks and they want a lot of them. You have a vessel. It’s not much of a vessel - but it has a mining laser and you’re short of cash.

It seems to be a perfect marriage. You mine rocks. You sell rocks. You mine some more rocks…

You are a lone hunter. You hunt asteroids. You pilot your ship around a dense asteroid belt looking for the sweet motherlode floating ore that will let you retire. Your biggest challenge is the environment and piloting your vessel in that zero-g environment. You will begin each journey from the starbase and drift towards the asteroid field. At the start, you can’t see any asteroids until you approach them. You’ll need to map each rock before you can mine it with the mouse button. The more you drift and explore, the more you’ll see and map.

Find the asteroids, mine them, fill your cargo, return to base for profit. Easy.


  • Slow burn relaxing game
  • Float in zero-g space and make a small living mining rocks
  • Sell rocks and upgrade the vessel. Lots of meta-data for meta-gamers
  • Manage your vessel's key components like oxygen and electricity
  • Customise your ship so it handles just as you prefer it
  • Uses physics engine to simulate real zero-g space
  • Experience damage to your ship components using true physic impacts
  • Basic economy provides you a means to upgrade and repair components


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