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You are a space courier with a ship for hire. You spend your weeks moving cargo from one planet to another. It doesn’t matter which planet - they all pay. Some pay more than others and the danger is real.

Space pirates: they will track you and attack you and try to steal your cargo. Your challenge is to deliver cargo and get paid whilst not dying.

This is a pre-alpha developers version. It is very very raw but you're welcome to see what is possible and to track the game's progress.

Nasty things you need to expect:

  • Unattractive graphics. Most are all temporary
  • Unbalanced game play.

However - there are some cool things already done:

  • Players can move around with intelligent path-finding
  • You can build walls and doors to make rooms
  • Cargo can be destroyed and impact your payday
  • Fires can spawn, grow and spread
  • The hull can be breached and this reduces oxygen
  • Players can be injured from fire and lack of oxygen
  • Players can be healed in the med-bay
  • Crewing stations (engines) impact space travel
  • Antagonists can spawn and damage your shields and hull
  • Mission selection can change your space travel danger levels
  • Can pause the game and have a think before progressing

For a teaser - read the manual on Google docs:

Read the Google Doc manual



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v0.08 released:

  • low oxygen is drawn better
  • breaches are drawn differently
  • on-screen instructions
  • fixed a bug with clicking shop items
  • fixed a bug with enemy spawning

v0.07 released:

  • Plenty of bug fixes
  • Music and sound added
  • Credits screen added
  • Background images added. More to come.
  • Save/load now works properly

v0.06 released:

  • can now target enemy weapons
  • player is warned when starting a mission with no or few weapons
  • numerous bug fixes
  • some graphic improvements
  • animations added

v0.05 released:

  • no longer locks up the computer.   :(  :)

v0.04 is released:

  • countless bug fixes
  • countless graphics improvements
  • adjusted the frequency of skill gain
  • added a shop to buy and sell weapons
  • pirate ship now displays oxygen
  • a dead weapon station = dead weapons
  • a shields workstation has been introduced
  • introduced a jump drive to get out of sticky situations

Still to do:

  • allow players to set targets for weapons
  • graphics overhaul
  • re-balancing
  • purchase of modules that provide different buffs
  • sound
  • bling graphic effects (shaders etc)
  • countless graphics improvements
  • added jump drive
  • countless bug fixes
  • added AI bots to pirate ship
  • various 'health bars' appear over crew, cargo and workstations
  • can now 'carry' cargo (c key)